Taking Stock

I have been chipping away at the data gathering part of my methods section over the past couple of weeks. Tiny chips. I’m taking a short break over this weekend and early next week and I’m leaving my work in a not-so-great place. I am feeling a bit frustrated. I’m not making progress as quickly as I would like, and I’m not finding the hours to put in to make it happen. So, in a way it feels like a shitty time to take a break because I’m not finished the draft of the chapter, by any means. In another way, I think it’s an excellent time to take a break. I don’t have good momentum at the moment, I’m floundering a bit, and it can’t hurt to stop, take stock, have some fun, and then get back to it with a positive attitude.
So that is the plan. Tomorrow I should get about and hour and a half work-time in the morning. In that time I want to do the following:
– Quickly read through the chapter as it stands.
– Flag the areas that need work and identify next steps for each area.
– Update the reference list
– Identify reading required to move on
– Adjust timeline
Then I have to pack for a family of four (LJ is a lousy packer: leaves everything to the last minute and forgets really obvious essentials). Traveling (even when it is a relatively local trip) with kids is sooooo different from traveling without them. I am excited though – on Thursday evening I will be drinking beers with some pretty awesome women that I haven’t seen for a while. I’m going to get to meet some new babies and introduce friends to baby Z. Yes, perhaps a holiday is just what I need.


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