At the beginning of this week I finished a draft of the epistemology section for the methodology/methods chapter. It’s definitely very drafty but I feel good about about it. It’s honest, and (to be honest) I never really thought about honesty as a quality relevant to my academic work. When the writer’s block has hit (and it hits me nearly every day), the best way out of it has been just to write what I’m thinking about rather than trying to force it through some kind of academic writing filter in my head. Once I started doing that it was surprising how easily the connections between concepts came.
The other thing I’ve done is to work out a rough timeline for the project. First I listed each chapter and estimated its percentage of completion. Then I thought about how much time I would need to get a complete draft for each chapter. Finally I sat down with a calendar and plotted each chunk of work. I included two vacations and about three mini-breaks. This puts my estimated completion date for a full first draft at mid/late October. It’s a little later than I would like but when I look at what needs to be done and the time I have available to work during each day, it’s still ambitious.
Next week I start work on the methodology section (leading into the methods section). I have two weeks to knock something out on this.


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