I’m almost finished my draft of the Epistemology section. A couple more pages to edit and then I’m going to move on even though it’s far from being done. This is something I struggle with. I would much rather worry one little paragraph to death than gloss through things and leave them rough. I’m forcing myself to keep pushing forward, to get better at first draft-ing. I’m hoping that all this pushing on will create momentum to power me through the rough spots. I have certainly struggled to stay motivated this week, it’s amazing how quickly my initial burst of energy fell a little flat. I’m ignoring the feelings of doubt and flagging motivation and just putting one foot in front of the other. The early morning starts seem to be the best time for me and they don’t always happen: Z wakes up early sometimes and won’t settle again, or I have a really bad night with one of the girls and am just too bagged to get out of bed. My current rule is that if I have had six hours of sleep then I have no excuses. So the goals this week are:
– Finish first draft of Epistemology section
– Make project timeline in Excel
– Collect all the methodology notes that I have and see what is worth using and what won’t fit.

I’ll check in each time I accomplish these goals.


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